We catch up the market needs quickly, and procure the excellent material which is worth more than the price.

We are able to procure the high quality material based on cooperative global network which is buit from our experience of negotiation at global factories and festivals. Our continuous challenge against new material enable us to procure the best materials.


We provide truly beautiful and functional design to satisfy real demands.

Not only marketing data analysis but also gentle design work for all the people is required. We, SUN-ACE are the member of Universal Design Accociation, and has a good reputation for our proposal. Our challenge against next generation know-how enable us to procure the best supply.


We value the trusted “create things” and its quality.

Accumulated know-how such as effective market reserch and development, product planning, production, sales, and after-care service enable us to procure the best supply.


SUN-ACE always pursue the best judgement, how to be chosen by cusmtoers.

We pursue rigid merchandizing such as product planning, configuration planning, and we also propose several sales promotion at several sales channel. Our experience that we create the selling place enable us to procure the best supply.