Summary of production base

Address 636-1, Kawahigashi, Higashi-Kagawa city, Kagawa-pref, 769-2602 Japan
TEL +81-(0)879-25-5173
FAX +81-(0)879-24-0803
Establishment ‘April 2004
Number of Employee 28
Floor Space / Area of Land 610.5㎡ / 1,824.9㎡
production goods Fabric gloves
Production capacity 80,000 pairs
Delivery Japanese domestic market
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Abundant kinds of material

As the main fabric, we use the fabric of Fukaki-Keori Co.,Ltd. or Ohtsu-Keori Co.,Ltd. that has the spinning facilities in Japan. We also procure inner knitwear with cashmere mixed fabric and fur materials from our Shanghai factory as well as ribbon tape and sheep leather from superior domestic manufacturers. As for the storage of these materials, we manage them in a room with air-conditioner to preventinsects and mildews.

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Selected Materials

Fukaki-Keori Co.,Ltd. Generally manufacture 12 gauge used for glove, but we procure the bespoken 14 gauge. By increasing the gauge,it becomes a material with more weave, fine shirinkage, and it improve fit, heat retention,touch, and strength.

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Flow of cutting

We usually use about 20 for ladies’ and 8 for mens’ kinds of mold. We use them properly according to the elongation of fabric and the characteristics of glove.
1. Cut roughly according to the length of glove.
2. Cut roughly according to the width of glove.
3. Cut parts of main body, thumb parts, and gusset parts.

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To be particular about cutting and mold

By using our own unique double-edged cutting mold, the finger parts can be cut closeer to the shape of the hand. In addition, we prepare several kinds of cutting mold for mens’ and ladies’ glove so that we can correspond a wide range of customers’ hand whom we would like to experience fitted gloves.
■Size S (Ladies’ 19~20cm, Mens’ 21~22cm)
■Size M (Ladies’ 21~22cm, Mens’ 23~24cm)
■Size S (Ladies’ 23~24cm, Mens’ 25~26cm)
■Long finger length and short finger length for each size.

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Regarding the techinical aspect, we manage thoroghly sewing must be done at the point not to cause seam missing, and minimize the discomfort of seam hit the hand to the utmost limit. We manage the instruction of technique thoroughly so that all worker can always sew exactly the right size, in order to prevent slihtly different size feeling despite being the same article because of the habit of deep sewing or shallow sewing.

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Inheritance of technique

Sewing technique cannot be acquired one day. And we cannot stop growing older in this whole area. At our studio, 12 exclusive sewers are currently engaged. They are composed of various staffs such as women in their twenties and trainees from our Pasig Industries inc. in Philippines. We have set up a organization system that allows reduction to such young people and our own foregn factoy, with a vew of heading for the human resource development for the future.

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While dealing with wide variety of fabrics, the time to steam supply is different by kind of fabric. Finishing work is being carried out by veteran craftsmen with skill to check if there is any defective point.

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Inspection, Needle inspection, Delivery

To deliver items to each shop, inspection and needle inspection are thoroughly conducted.

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Product image

Higashi-Kagawa city, Kagawa pref.

The origin of manufacuturing gloves in Higashikagawa-City started with manufacturing knitted gloves in 1888. After the end of the world war 2nd, to go with the economic growth flow in the 1950-1960’s, Higashi kagawa area is the world’s first glove manufacturing city exceeding the United States. After that deu to what is called “the collapse of the bubble economy”,the companies of glove manufacture strive to develop new technologies and new products to cope with long term recession and global warming, and same time establish the overseas production system and improve the environment as a new local industry.

Population 33,625
Area 152.83km²