Iwasaki Factory
Iwasaki Factory
Iwasaki Factory

Summary of production base

Address 6779,Yamamoto,Iida City, Nagano Prefecture, 395-0244 Japan
TEL +81-(0)265-25-5511
FAX +81-(0)265-25-5400
Establishment 1919
Number of Employee 15
Floor Space / Area of Land 992㎡/4,959㎡
production goods Belts, leather accessories, leather bags, etc.
Production capacity 180,000
Delivery Japan, China, Asian countries, Europe, the United States, South Africa, etc.

Material storage

We check the quality of the leather such as color and scratch arrived from the tannery amd conduct the inspection including the size one by one. And then we record the size, color, and quantity in the inventory notes before stock the leather flatly which is unusual in Japan. By this stock method, , the leather gets flat which keeps it in good condition even if the leather arrived roundly. Especially for heavy and thick leather it is important in quality maintenance and production effciency.


leather material

Iida Iwasaki has developed original leather in cooperation with domestic tannery. Especially in thick leather, JTR (color oil leather) which is developed with efforts with Tochigi Leather dominated the casual belt share. Such development and distribution which cannot be done by other companies is the unique characteristic of Iida Iwasaki. We will continue to propose new materials developed with tanneries including overseas.


Side coating Proccess 1. (Polishing)

In case of belt, the natural glue is put onto the side of the belt in the state of just cut in a strip shape and the both side is carefully polished using glass plate by hand. Craftmen changes the amount of gule and the way to polish by judging the leather condition and difference of tanning. This polishing process determines the quality of side coating process.


Side coating Proccess 2. (Coloring)

After polishing process, the side of belt is painted with dye or pigment using sponge. Craftsmen is required the delicate tecnique to paint the sides of the belt tilting the belt so that the paint does not stick to the place other than the sides of the belt. Also because there are several shape of the sides of the belt, this process require extensive experience and skill.


Empty drum・Water soaked drum

We put the leather or leather cut into strip shape into the drum which is used for tanning and dyeing by rotating, and the fiber of leather get loosen and softner. In addition, we also use the drum to make the wrinkle or twisted so that the leather look like damaged. In this process, sometimes the leather is soaked in water or somethimes without water before being put into empty drum. By doing this we will change the expression when finish this process. Since it is imporatnt how long it will take times to become damaged properly, we bring it closer to desired finish with our extensive know-how and experiment using samples.


Buffing process

By using special wax, its common name, “burning wax” and buffing machine (rotating brush), used leather can be expressed. This kind of processed belt is popular because this process can be used for all kinds of tanned leather, such as tannic tanned, chrome tanned or pigment paint leather. Combined with the process of using rotating drum, more advanced aging process can be realized.



This is the process of dyeing by hand. Unlike the spray color blowing, it is difficultto paint evenly. But the shades of color and the fine expressive power unique to hand hyed are attractive. Basically it is often applied using a sponge, but the possibility of various process by changing the tool is one of features. It is a process that you can feel the manual warmth.


Coloring with hand spray

We can color leather using dyes and pigments. Thanks to this, small lot order can be acceptable even if the order require multicolor. In addition, it is possible to color not only the leather before cut but also after cut, so it is also possible to partially color or gradation.


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Iida City, Nagano Prefecture
Population 104,261
Area 658.66km²