• Material Grasp the market needs ahead of others and secure the materials that you will be satisfied more than their costInspection and negotiations are carried out at the suppliers and international exhibits of various countries, and based on their cooperative network; high quality materials can be secured.
      Optimum securing of materials is made possible due to knowhow which has been continuously created for the succeeding generation through the new material development.

        • Design Provides a truly beautiful and functional designNot only the data analysis of market survey to meet the diversified fashion needs, but also the environmental and people friendly design work is pursued. A knowhow that makes challenges for the succeeding generation has made securing of materials optimal.

            • ProductionProduction Give importance to reliable production and qualityTotal knowhow which has been accumulated from effective market survey, research, development, product planning, design, production, sales and after service makes securing of materials optimal.

                • Merchandising Always search for the Customer’s decision on the purchase worthinessAn ideal merchandising (Product planning, Product structure planning) is searched, and a variety of sales promotion is proposed with a wide range of sales routes. A knowhow which has created the market, makes securing of materials optimal.